Saturday, June 10, 2017


No, no. A million times no.

I never watched it but I heard that 'reality tv' was all about voting losers off the island. I sure as hell don't want every democrat lawmaker with property in Pooristan as my huckleberry. Do I get a vote?

Why would we want more idiots who voted themselves beer and perogis to the tune of $75 BILLION in debt? We used to just bomb them but if they are serious about joining us, can we at least send these losers to Detroit and Chicago or California? Yeah, I know, John McCain will lead a progressive bipartisan sortie to bring them here and bail them out. That's the kind of rethuglican he is. Could I hire one of those demons from the Hellmouth that used to die for Buffy? .....just for a day or two. I'll give it back, no scratches or blemishes.

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