Monday, March 20, 2023


 There was this wonderful headline this morning to wake up to. I could actually hear the Russians laughing hysterically here in Metroparkcentralis when they saw nato-looking-to-send 300,000 troops-to-the-russian-border. It would take NATO a few years to scrounge up 300,000 troops much less weapons, tanks, missiles, artillery, attack and transport helicopters and all the other necessary gear. In fact, I’ll bet NATO doesn’t actually have 300,000 troops to send because I can’t see us doing it and I can’t see Turkey doing it which just leaves the rest of the utterly defenseless, unmanned, under-equipped and useless Europeans to pull their crap together. 

Remember the German Army in the 70s and 80s when Tom Clancy wrote Red Storm Rising? Those guys were the 300,000 man trip wire and they were armed to the teeth and motivated. They’re all gone and so is every bit of material they had back then. There was a peace dividend donchaknow.


WI Jason said...

Britain is a paper tiger, along with the rest of NATO.

HMS Defiant said...

Back in the day in the American Navy of back then we sometimes used to say, "fake it till you make it." and it was a little part of inspectioneering we used to pull off effortlessly. The funny thing though was that our fakery was to fool the fools and didn't affect combat readiness even a single tiny bit. Maybe that was just me and mine.

Lex asked once, "would you lie cheat or steal". I was, as I recall, unique in saying, "Hell Yea!!!!!" Keeping fussbudget anal retentives out of my six while pushing on to keep underway despite the fuckin navy manning my ship and department at 18% of authorized manning. You bet your life I cheated,
The way it worked was I suffered from any flaws caused by undermanning by BUPERS while they suffered from nothing. OTGH, the way it worked, I knew what I was doing and they didn't.