Thursday, March 9, 2023


 The talking heads here in the West seem to conflate China's new destiny as some sort of disaster for China. They are thinking like Westerners and I don't think they see this quite the same way that the government of China does. Unlike most of West Europe and Japan, China does not find itself inexplicably heading to extinction due to a failure to reproduce. The government in China looked at the future course of history if nothing was done and enacted some fairly drastic measures to make sure that Malthusian nightmare would not come to pass. They may not plan well but at least they had a plan.

Here in the West we seem to be heading toward extinction at an accelerating rate if, again, you actually believed the talking heads know what they're talking about or aren't just lying. Here there was no 'government' plan to quell growth but some people did have a plan. They wanted a more perfect world; one without man and so they took over the education of the educators, the teachers of the young, the young minds and the young radicals and pointed them all at the horrors of the future with global temps spiking up in the fusion range and now that the possibility of thermo-nuclear war was firmly behind us have kickstarted a brand new one out of nothing at all and you don't even know who they are.

I do. We do.

Every single western government policy and plan is predicated on making fewer humans in the future and they'll use any means at all to get that future. War, disease, famine. Look at them. Let's turn off the gas in the winter and hope people freeze to death. Let's shut down electrical generation plants we absolutely need for an industrial economy and hope that people without jobs don't die. Let's start a war with Russia and scare them into thinking it's an attempt at extinction.

The nice thing some people noticed some time ago is that the future belongs to the people who show up for it. 

Some interesting reading dating all the way back to 1987 written by John Maddox Roberts and Yoji Kondo.


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