Thursday, March 9, 2023


 Watching the events today as the rioters clashed with the security forces I was struck by one very significant difference between that country and this one. In that country military service is compelled and every male is drafted into a minimum term of service. At their root, all the demonstrators rioters know that their day will come when they will find themselves standing shoulder to shoulder with the security forces to keep the riot under control. In that kind of environment the riots never really get within an order of magnitude with what we suffer from here in the United States. The rioters hate the pigs police and security forces and know that they will never be in a position to side against the rioters.

Kind of makes me rethink mandatory compelled military service.

On the gripping hand, on my first jaunt to Korea saw the height of the riot season and while Korea had compulsory service from all males, the men had the option. IIRC it was one year in the military or 2 in the security police. Any demonstrator would know, intellectually, that they might never stand in the ranks since they could always just join the military and live on the border for a year. I may have the terms of service wrong but it is the character not the details that matter.

On the gripping hand, the nail that stands too tall in a mono-culture gets hit the hardest. They don't have the ferocity and idiocy that antifa terrorists demonstrate reflexively whenever they get in a push comes to shove situation.

None of it would work in modern America. Who wants 80% of the lazy, fat, drugged, weird, 18 year youths of America in the military? Not the military. Even in the olden days there were sailors in the security force that I would never issue a weapon too under any circumstances. Everyone knows those guys.

Who would round up and induct and ensure some tiny measure of fairness when it came time to draft men? It would be one of those terrifying dilemma that afflict the left. They of course would want to make sure that all liberals and lefties were excused from service and then the smarter ones would begin to mull over what it means when the only people in the armed forces and security forces and the police are, well, conservatives or people who don't stand with the left. Yes, their heads would explode as they tried to work that one out.....again. Don't worry, last time they figured it out everyone agreed that there was no further need for a draft and it wasn't universal since only about 1% were inducted.

I don't think anything will work. The left has destroyed and gutted all the little means and measures adopted over the centuries to unify a civilization on this continent. Everything from the schools and colleges up to the Boy Scouts has been taken over, filled with shit and then despised by everybody. I mean quilting clubs excluded members based on their political leanings and the entire left rejoiced in canceling everyone they didn't like when they ran things like twitter.

It's too bad. I thought it was a great place to grow over the last 60 some years and I grew up all over it.


Anonymous said...

"Even in the olden days there were sailors in the security force that I would never issue a weapon too under any circumstances. Everyone knows those guys."

Well do I have a story for you. My last shipyard boss has been working in the same yard since the 1990's. One of his best stories about his time there was how Sept 11 changed everything. It was decided by the yard commander that a large part of the inner harbor should be closed off and restricted, and that the Navy Sailors assigned to the resident vessel should pull armed guard duty along with the security contractors. This included a small Zodiac boat and some full auto weapons. As it was related to me, the first time out, the kid at the helm gunned it while the rest of the crew were sitting in the outboard edges of the Zodiac. Most of them were immediately rolled backwards and overboard. About half of these guys dropped their weapons in the harbor in their cowardly efforts to save themselves. That was it for armed patrolling. ATF and the City PD had to come dive for the weapons and the Zodiac was hauled out and found another home.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Back when I was a young Badger, teachers had to know what they were teaching. I have relatives who are teachers, and they inform me that the current crop of young teachers are profoundly ignorant.
Which goes a way to explain how very dim the kids of today are.

HMS Defiant said...

They're still out there and by now I think they outnumber the people who know how to actually carry out security.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm not convinced it is primarily the fault of the teachers. Mainstreaming kids who should never be in class was a huge mistake and then taking away any and all discipline killed classroom education in public schools. Teachers forced to teach to the lowest common denominators found themselves faced with levels so slow that teaching was pointless and a complete waste of everyone's time and the smarter kids knew it. Now the schools are terminating classes for bright kids in the name of equity. I agree with the claim that sending children to public school is child abuse.