Sunday, January 8, 2023


 I think 90% of the funding and materials we simply gave to Zelensky and the rest of the ruling thieves in Ukraine has been poured back into democrats pockets as bribes. The rest stuck to their fingers.

I used to feel pity for supply/finance officers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan who had to find some way to properly document that they simply palletized billions of dollars in cash and gave it to warlords, politicians, rapists, child molesters and had to know that someday many years later some Congresscritter was going to demand to know what they really did with it all because God knows, America has literally nothing to show for a Trillion dollar bribe scam and fest.


  1. If I were king for a day I would stop all foreign aid. Which countries send us foreign aid? The money could be better spent in this country on things like VA hospitals, drug recovery programs, border security, etc.The grifters would still figure out how to skim their share without having to give the foreign grifters their take.

  2. 90%? OK, but the percentages might be bassackwards; I think it's more likely 95% stuck to their fingers and only 5% made it into the Democrats' coffers; gonna have a lot of very wealthy Ukrainians buying seaside condos around the globe.

  3. The Big Guy has to have his 10%, after all.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. I concur. Money is flowing back to the Democrats. Somehow, somewhere.