Friday, January 13, 2023


 The fake Attorney General was forced by his own traitorous hand to assign a special counsel to investigate the Top Secret Code Word documents found in Biden's garage in Delaware and in his fake front office that he used as a rep for the communist party of China and the nazi tycoons running Ukraine. The thing that bothers me about this is how, just as with Hillary, there is literally nothing to investigate. Any person found with classified national security documents clearly marked with national security classifications such as Top Secret is guilty of violating the law. There is one sole exception to this law and rule and that is any president found with such documents can claim that they were all declassified by the one man in American who can declassify any national security classification by simply saying so. That's not a Constitutional power that former Vice Presidents or Secretary of States have at their disposal.

I know this is so based on careful application of the law three times as Communications Security Officer and multiple times serving as Top Secret Control Officer. There really is no wriggle room for violating the laws on national security and thus no reason to appoint a special favored crony of the AG to investigate Biden and a hated enemy of President Trump to investigate him. 

As the others have said, where are the FBI ripping into Biden's various homes, offices and garages and storage sheds and maybe his son's houses and storage sheds and garages?

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Dan said...

Absolutely nothing will come from this. Repeat after me. The lefts number one Mantra. "Rules are for thee, never for me."