Wednesday, July 25, 2018


President Trump seems to be dealing with each in turn. One could write a book about how to engage in diplomacy in the modern era as president. As usual with President Trump, his tweet swept the decks of the fake news and left piles of dead and wounded bleating about how outrageous it is for a mere American President to engage in unsupervised and ill-advised diplomacy via tweet.

The fakirs just don't get it yet. It's funny as hell to watch and listen to them as they scramble after Trump as he kicks the underpinnings out from under their current hot topic of the day (indict Trump) and brings them kicking and whining to heel as they all lash out at his new slant to American diplomacy.

All the man has to do is tweet in all CAPS and the fake news loses focus and drops track on the old story, Cohen mumble mumble. It scrambles to find people who hate Trump to express outrage at the idea that a mere jackass American president could scramble decades of middle east diplomacy by actually 'threatening' Iran.

It does remind me of the old NATO Sea Sparrow missile fire control system which did indeed have a button that got mashed repeatedly during tracking exercises when you wanted the damned system to drop the track it was fixated on and go back into acquisition mode so you could track/engage the real target.

All the derangement all the time does remind me of the press reports on the Bush Potomac outing with the Pope when the pope's hat fell into the river and Bush told the Pope he'd get it and stepped out of the boat, walked across the river and retrieved the hat. The press was on hand to breathlessly report that "Bush Can't Swim."

Oddly enough, the NATO Sea Sparrow fire control system on Spruance class destroyers mostly fixated on the reflected energy coming from the ship's own gas turbines deep in the engine room. If not for the firing cutouts on the launcher I don't know how many ships would have engaged themselves with missiles. God knows the Perry class frigates engaged the shit out of their own stacks whenever they went back to their centerline stowed position. Half a dozen ships blew their close in weapon system right off the ship as the gun fired as it reached its stow position. Some wags met one of those ships as it pulled into San Diego one day with a full size bullseye target on their stack. Needless to say, the powers that be were no amused. We were.

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