Monday, July 23, 2018


I have been out of battery (an old artillery term) for some time. What with one thing or another it has been an interesting two weeks. I have not been able to post until now. Oddly enough, the stars and moon align for a welcome back along my azimuth just when I'm ready to write again.

Europe's ruling elite are all bent out of shape over The Donald. I can see why. He knows a naked emperor when he sees one and he isn't afraid to say so. He went to Europe after warning them for over a year that he would be there and he told them that his main concern was their utter failure to abide by the NATO standard. They have entirely failed to provide for the collective defense of Europe, or anything else on the planet.

I saw first that the LA Times chimed in with an editorial that rang like a bell with the New York Times and ultimately declared that NATO was sick and tired of Donald Trump and doubted that his America would rally to their defense just because they utterly failed to provide anything to the defense of Europe. They were all fully prepared to do NOTHING in retaliation.  I laughed out loud reading that.

I listened yesterday and today to NPR trying to rally the "Trump is Crazy!!!" crew into lambasting the President for making Europe nervous by demanding they abide by the Treaty. It was hard to get me to see their point, laughing so hard was I at the time. Not one of the powers is willing to even consider spending any more money on defense.

To cheer me up a bit, various Think Tank losers and German foreign office types were heard chiming in that this would not stand! Up with this kind of doubt Europe would not put!!! They were, they said, reconsidering their options viz-a-viz counting on faithless America. It reeked of the old Continent and their inclinations towards the old Faithless Albion." I laughed out loud.

So, the little harmless weasels have decided to trade American divisions in for.................. Yeah, well they're still thinking about that and they'll get back to the faithful in the fullness of time with a solution to their little problem. They've already declared that they'll be damned to Hell before they spend a penny more of the taxpayers money on defense so we'll just see.

Personally, I'm thinking they've signed with the Druids or the Norse Gods and are hoping on a bulk rate deal for the defense of all for nothing more than tuppence from each non-contributing member of the NATO defense force.

All those papers, all those news services presented the whole story as if Trump was somehow diabolically at fault because he refuses to subsidize the second richest continent on the planet.

In my lifetime the border with Russia will shift west again. There is absolutely NOTHING to stop it. The smarter new members of OTAN will covertly shift their nuclear weapons programs into high gear and match it with spending for their covert biological weapons development arm. Any that do will, of course, leak like sieves and let the world know that self-defense measures by little countries are afoot which will lead to.......


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