Saturday, June 2, 2018


What is that island off the coast of Virginia?

I'm sure the buffoons that run the alleged news service have a reason for losing whossname....starts with a c somewhere near Kansas. Still, the island in blue, Is that a new state that will guarantee us the election of Hillary, or is it actually EastAsia with whom we've been at war with since 1984?


Anonymous said...

Yep Wyoming pot! SMH

Captain Steve said...

The Island is Fairfax County, which hasn't been part of the REAL Virginia for several years.

HMS Defiant said...

And here I thought Wyoming could handle itself, handily, with marksman, with rifles.... silly me.
I put the commas in just to piss off Buck who I still miss on the tubes. He was death on inappropriate commas.

HMS Defiant said...

My parents sold their home in Arlington and moved to MachinClean and now live about 300 yards outside of Arlington, in Fairfax Co.. Growing up I always wondered why we had a place with the name Front Royal. After I grew up I knew.