Saturday, June 2, 2018


I take time late at night.

For my three readers, listen again to this starting at 7 minutes.

I live in a world where nobody at all reads.They had a teacher who forced them to read 'Last of the Mohicans' and will never read again. Listen to this again. It is the story of the 20th century. I read history. This is the death of 60 million people.  60,000,000 none of whom wanted to be murdered and swept away by history.

Yeah, I read Gibson and Thucydides and I read everthing about the war that caught me to be born in Germany instead of home in America.

I think, if people just listened to this they would understand history. I'll send it west but won't/don't do history,

I commented once on his blog and found out that there really are a million people who hate this man to death.


OldAFSarge said...

The man is brilliant, no other word for it, brilliant. While I knew all of the facts he cited, I had never tied them together the way he does. Simply brilliant. This man understands that history is not just the dry recitation of facts long after the event.

Again, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I watched this a day or two ago. Like Sarge, I knew the facts, but VDH relates them & shows the connections, when they're there.
Defiant, you may be steaming in isolation, but not quite alone. There are friendlies on or over the horizon.
--Tennessee Budd

HMS Defiant said...

There used to be lectures one could go to at UCB. When I lived in the Bay Area I would drive over to the Hoover Institute at Stanford. There was a rich cultural life there back in 95. I was a lietenant commander back then and enjoying the War College seminars at Coast Guard Island. You knew you had class when two of the people in the seminar had permission to fly their helicopter over from SFO in order to attend.

HMS Defiant said...

Off PIM but in delightful company.

Thank you.