Friday, December 9, 2016


Ever notice how they never run out of ammunition? I just watched Mr. Wilders speech after he was convicted by 3 judges who took themselves a full 20 months to adjudiciate him of being a bad thought person. I was struck last week by Washington DC judges of no repute who have been pondering Mark Steyn's case for over 2 years and the best answer I can come up with is swords, hatchets and guns. Yes, I know the old rule used to be money, guns, and lawyers but I'm confident we can change the remedies with some good old fashioned edged weapons. You know; inventive, limited to the target and not his girlfriends unless they're lawyers too and certainly leaving family alone unless, they're lawyers.

Have you noticed how those who claim to represent the will of the people have taken to hiding behind armed guards? Just when did that happen? I mean, it's justfified but the policy that took us to this position almost demands hunting licenses for politicians and judges. Truman didn't hide from his people. Netiher did FDR or Kennedy.

I saw the car door of our dear leader the other night on a news clip. That door was almost one foot thick armor. M60 tanks didn't do a foot of armor. No wonder that limo keeps bottoming out. I thought it was him.

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HMS Defiant said...

I don't know what it is about blogger. I told it for years to let any smart, intelligent, beautiful and well informed person comment here without hassle and then noticed that they were hassling like mad. It seems they've stopped again but it really isn't the kind of thing a blogger notices unless he makes a comment on his own blog.