Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I have read countless pundits predicting the utter overthrow of the democratic party over the last 3 weeks. The pundits all claim that Trump and the republicans swept to victory because he channels all the things that make republicans and Midwesterners (56%) swoon with joy.

Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth. The only reason that Trump beat the democratic party's choice was because the party and their People selected the most vile, disgusting, reprehensible liar, scumbag and thief who was clearly all of those things. The People stayed home. Not in droves, but enough decided to sit out voting for such a deplorable almost human being for President.

Looking downstream, I agree that if the democratic party selects Ellison to run the DNC, they will fail again. If they choose a sane, non-racist who comes across as sympathetic to Americans and American workers, they will start immediately to vet and groom the next nominee. The vetting will be in depth this time and they will take the blinders off to actually see what is in front of them and plainly obvious to the electorate. They will not choose as "their" nominee another vicious, evil, old crony of the banks and Wall Street. They'll get a populist.

It's hard to believe they'll find one but I'm sure they'll try and then they'll do what they did in the recent election and put their thumb on the scale to make sure that person "wins" the nomination over all contenders. When that happens they will cream Trump if he runs again and any other potential republican candidates.

The problem the DNC will have is finding anybody "fit" to run as a convincing populist. All of the democratic leadership will be a decade into receiving social security and clearly regarded as elite mandarins who never worked a day in their lives and who are wealthy coastal types. They shot their leading partisan in the head when they elected Pelosi as the Minority Leader over a populist Midwesterner from a state that has produced more Presidents than any other state.

But who are the democrats who run the party? Well, I'm confidant that they're exactly the type to select Ellison to be DNC chairman and to run the ship further up on the rocks. They're wreckers, it's what they do.

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