Sunday, December 11, 2016


This was photoengraved on the door of our Combat Information Center. It tended to focus the young minds entering the space wonderfully. CIC was the realm of the mine hunters. The fantail was the realm of the mine sweepers. We all figured, all of us until somebody came up with a reliable useful way to push the sweep gear ahead of the ship, that we preferred using sonar to find them before we blew up.

Mind you, the 8th or 9th time the US retired the battleships.... I kept saying we could use them dragging a combined tow sweep. They could shrug off little 500 pound mines all day long and sweep mines at over 30 knots.

They're out there everyday and the unexpected can be a real downer.


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HMS Defiant said...

no no. we put matresses into the overhead so it wouldn't even make a bruise.