Sunday, June 12, 2016


I think at this point that all the serious people are retired or dead. I used to play one when the lives of other people were placed in my hands and I think I did a pretty good job of it but as I look at the world today I see a distinct lack of serious. Yes, as usual, I staggered across this stunning insight late at night while reading the book Ars Technica put together about Anonymous. It struck me, as I read through it, that none of the players were serious men. Serious men figured out how to build a rocket and send 3 men to the moon in less than 10 years from a cold standing start. Serious men took E=MC squared and used it to build huge enormous plants to refine Uranium and make Plutonium so they could design a bomb around it and place it in the bomb bay of planes flown by serious men and drop them on the cities of other serious, deeply committed men.

What do we have today? We have Bernie Sanders an out and out communist who should have shipped out on one of those expat cruise ships to the Soviet Union back in 1932 and stayed there to die with the rest of the expat commie loving losers who embraced the Soviet Union right up until the NKVD rounded them up and killed them in a field just outside of Moscow. We have Hillary Clinton who was so keen to avoid any/ALL remote viewing of her handiwork as Secretary of State that she simply violated all the laws to do so. And, finally we have Trump who delights those of us that remain because he is willing to point out with flaming letters a mile high that both his opponents are anti-American sleaze. He, at least, is pro-American sleaze.

When you look back at history and you read about the serious people, many of them attended what used to be good schools in the Ivy League. Do you have any idea how worthless a Yale degree is to people that wouldn't hire a Yale graduate for any amount of money because Yale seems to be turning out graduates who thrive on being anti. They're anti-civilization, anti-corporate, anti-business, anti-white. Good wholesome lads attending another fine biblical college like Harvard who hate and despise religion, God, and America.

I'm OK with that. I despise them back.

I am familiar with some of the serious people. God knows, I'm not one of them myself but people such as the ones at Maggie's Farm or the guy at Coyoteblog, they're serious people. They just don't run for office anymore or even participate much in the fading shadow of democracy left in this country.

The internet is broken. That's why I have been so quiet elsewhere. I just hauled this computer out of my refrigerator and plugged it in to see if it would come back to life. It did. That just means that condensation will pull the plug any second now. I have reinforcements on the way. Of course, they'll get here right about the time we head to Rumsford and help the local serious people save the basement.

There is a marvelous photo that reflects the serious lack of serious people.

All the both of them


  1. "He, at least, is pro-American sleaze"

    I suppose that's as close to an endorsement as a thinking man can give.

  2. I will share with you the sad thing. I simply didn't bother to vote for either Romney or McCain. By the time the cruel electoral trick rolled into Cali, I was indifferent to both since there wasn't an iota of difference between them and Herr Obama.

    I'm going to pull the lever for Trump. Hillary is an an unspeakably evil candidate who manifests the evil she represents. I listened to the professorial class crow about their satisfaction with her and it is hard to retain respect for learned men and women who advocate on her behalf. What is it that I see that they don't see?

    And now, too big to fail. Just how the fuck does that happen?

    We kind of went to 'no win' discussion and it was, no win. It's not one you argue to win or even want to talk about. The utter impossibility of he said/she said showing up in anything but an American Court is a travesty. You bring the evidence and I will convict and mercy be damned but when it simply boils down to he said/she said where the fuck is the evidence?

    Sorry, it's late and I'm debating posting or not tonight. I usually take it out in the comments that nobody reads anyway.

  3. *I* read them, dammit, even when I don't comment (I seem to have lost my muse lately) So keep it up and persevere, Captain, most are ALL good reads...even if end of civilization morose. I like morose..

  4. My computer reinforcement showed up today so now I shall wax lyrically when I get around to posting.