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I have copied this from Broadside Blog by Jeff Bacon and it's from Military Times. I included the original comments.

It's all true!

Broadside Blog

The most interesting SWO in the world
Posted by Bacon on January 30th, 2013 filed in Broadside moments
This was sent to me by my buddy Ernie, a Navy veteran and former shipmate. The author of this is unknown, but whoever wrote it is brilliant. May I present…

The Most Interesting SWO In The World

He is always the stand-on vessel.
Stars navigate by him.
He always eyeballs it.
He wears wash khakis under his NWUs.
The equator crosses him.
He has sailed the eighth sea.
He got his SWO pin in two days. The first was spent checking in.
Detailers ask him about their career progression.
He doesn’t dead reckon…he dead knows.
He maintains a permanent no-shave chit signed by Adm Zumwalt.
His ship’s aren’t INSPECTED by INSURV, they are ADMIRED.
He won the annual TYCOM Shiphandler of the year award in 1996…twice.
He doesn’t call them Battle Orders, for by the time someone reads them, the Battle is over.
The carrier does plane guard for him.
Marine mammals avoid him.
Clocks retard and advance to conform to him.
He once conned a ship alongside an oiler…….while aboard the oiler.
The CNO asks him for permission to carry on with duties assigned.
He has caught a leviathan and a mermaid. He released them both, of course, and wished them well.
Aviators ask him for stories.
His NMCI account works flawlessly.
He invented the MOBOARD.
He is always on station.
Dolphins taught him the sonar equation.
He maintains the Secret Billet List.
Lights the plant off by himself… from the bridge.
His sea stories have changed foreign policy.
He once won the Battle E for three different classes of ship in one year…while on shore duty.
He caught a cold once. His ship sent a CAT-4 CASREP.
He can carry an open coffee cup from shaft alley to the pilothouse without spilling a drop.
CO’s call him to report contacts.
The Rules of the Road read, “Whatever this man wants”.
He is… the most interesting SWO in the world!
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  1. Broadside Blog – Military Times – The most interesting SWO in the world | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid Says:
    [...] via Broadside Blog – Military Times – The most interesting SWO in the world. [...]
  2. Sierra Caddis Says:
    - Stay angery my friend.
    - Stay tired my friend.
    - Stay sleepless my friend.
    - Stay on station my friend.
    Who can come up with the best closing quote?
  3. Sierra Caddis Says:
    He slept once, just to see what it was like to be a Supply officer.
  4. Sierra Caddis Says:
    - He tells OTSR where to route ships.
  5. Campbell98 Says:
    Something I made:
  6. Bacon Says:
    The Supply Officer comment is an absolute classic! I heard from a reliable source that it will be forwarded on, destined to live on within the Supply community.
  7. Broadside Blog - Military Times – There’s a storm a brewin’ Says:
    [...] well, I didn’t write. It was a poem, except it didn’t rhyme, and was called, “The Most Interesting SWO In The World.” It was hilarious and well-written, and like I said, I did not write it. I hate it when that [...]

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