Sunday, December 2, 2012


After a gentle day with a late arising and a leisurely stroll through the heart of town with brief forays into both the library and a new pie shop we returned home and rested a bit before heading further into the big city for a Christmas party followed by a couple of hours diversion with another couple at our favorite watering hole and restaurant. There was time for reflection.

It seems the fire is coming back into my world. It had been carefully banked 4 years ago and I was only reminded of it with a few flickers which were mostly dreams over the last few years but over the last seven days it roared alight. I feel the urge to conspire deeply and over the long haul perhaps for a generation maybe even two. Once again there's a good bit of joy in the world and both song and word lay a foundation on which another life may be essayed.

It has taken me two years to lose the pain of the old music and words that used to move me and found new ones that I never heard or read before.  I find that I enjoy laughing with the world again.

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