Saturday, December 15, 2012


Those innocent young children never knew what kind of evil walked the earth until it confronted them in a kindergarten classroom and that learning cost them everything they had or ever will have. Their families are shattered and their schoolmates now know or have an idea what evil something that looks like a man can wreak in a very limited time.

I honestly cannot think of any method that will prevent this sort of tragedy. There are a million voices clamoring for all manor of meaningless and pointless things that won't have any effect on future attacks on children. Things attack children because everybody knows that they are the least touched with unreasoned fear of their fellow man and least able to defend themselves or their peers. I don't want to teach them to fear. They are too helpless to defend themselves and therefor fall into the category of those who are protected by those who are not helpless.

But what can realistically stop a lone gunman from getting into a school building and a classroom if that gunman accepts that it will be a one-way trip to hell? Locks, bars, fences have been tried. They don't work perfectly or hardly at all and when the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing come calling what is left but signs warning that it's a gun free zone and metal detectors that work about as reliably as the ones the TSA routinely fails to operate or even notice aren't plugged in. Armed teachers or aides in every classroom? That cries out for tragic accidents. I know guard posts that routinely have visitors come back out from the attached rest room and point out that the guard forget his/her gun on the floor the last time they used the loo. I don't think I want little kids, however well trained and responsible, to have access to loaded firearms in such situations.

Pass a law! Well, it's already against the law to carry a gun on school grounds and it is certainly against the law to shoot people unless you are a cop and then it's alright.

I will have to think about this some more. Obviously there are ways to make schools safe for children. Why, one could put schools on an island and raise the drawbridge everyday when classes start and not lower it again until classes end--who are we kidding? Norway and the world were shocked by evil's descent on an island packed with vulnerable children and unarmed adults. Of course there is a way to make it safe. It's late and I just can't think what it is.

Homeschooling could be the answer but far too many parents received a very expensive solid 2nd grade level education and so may be at a disadvantage in providing the schooling part. And then, there are the countless little tragedies that make the local papers all over the world every day. Annihilator parent.

Every  day.

Hold 'em while you have them.  Love them.

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