Saturday, April 10, 2010


Lex, if you got this twice, my apologies. It failed to show up as 'sent' when I went back tonight.

I'll be honest. My attitude did change over the years.

This is one reason. (first picture)

My heart is another. She's 6, lives with her mom in Texas. (second picture) pilot you'll note.

We were discussing life and death on your place.

There is wrong just as there is right.

My girl is probably like yours. Smart as a whip. I think that other little girl would have turned out smart too. Collateral damage. No different from our own. I think it is wrong to kill innocents and I don't think it is wrong to say so. I bcc'd Chaplain Harvey on this one. I spent a long time in the chapel after my last hospital appointment this week. I think you should put the post back up. Yes, I was the complete asshole and moron who showed his ass. How often though do we as a society delve into life and death?

I remember reading the bio of a girl we killed when we targeted Yugoslavian TV a long time ago. Sounded like a really nice girl. Wrong place, wrong time. Just went to work one night when we were shooting missiles at TV transmitters.

Remember Firefly? "A better world."

Life and death doesn't necessarily bring out the best in people. What bugs me? There are folks we know that think it's OK to kill the little kids and the unarmed innocent types.

I'm gladder than you know that I'm not among them.


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