Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'd offer to go away for another week or two so the shy little wood nymphs and water dryads could come back and shyly express their measureless contempt for everyman who disagrees with them but after mature reflection; fuckem.

Our host is the worst of you.

Skippy, you live in the place (actually an oasis of civilization) as my mom described it. Your hatred knows no bounds and shows no reasons, as you've said before.

I'd ask you to consider yourself as a 6 year old black girl who's mom sent her to school so that for a year she had to be escorted by 4 US Marshals simply because the omnidirectional hatred of whites who hated blacks required some level of protection. Those white? They hated for no reason.

You and your ilk who hate Coulter and hate Bush and hate Rove and Hate all conservatives to the point that even massive protection is not enough today to keep them safe from the harm that YOUR HATERS launch against them suck. Does that make you all feel like it's OK because you're just hating and it's OK since the one's you hate are beyond the protection of the law?

Have you ever asked yourself how your undifferentiated and mindless hate distinguishes you from the Klan?

Wasn't that the case when haters like you and yourselves hated that little 6 year old black girl? You know, at the Tea Party 2 days ago.

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