Thursday, July 21, 2022


Sorry for the lack of posting. There is a lot to write. I don't usually refer to the staff weenie of LANTCOM but it will scare you to scroll through the reality matrix he presents and I agree with it. The times are coming to a head. The leader of the West is senile, demented, stupid as always and we are in the hands of people we never voted for who are now determining policy in an orgy of free-style backstabbing in the White House.

Metroparkcentralis was once the sixth richest and most important city in the United States. Fortunately, we have fallen off the grid in the last 100 years. Unfortunately, after delivering one I love to the aiport today I realize that I am only about 6 miles from the Industrial Valley of what remains and it might still be the target of a Russian MIRV. I think it's safe to say that one of the things one can count upon is that Russian missiles work more often than not and MIRVs have a nasty way of engendering widespread destruction.

Still, we had a very nice trip to Maine as we do every year. I have to admit, it will be an engineer from here who works out how to fold space and time so that one can entirely avoid the whole boring I-90 between here and Utica.


  1. So you live in a high probability target area? I have lived less than a mile from the Yerkes primate research center for almost 30 years and a high probability target area.

  2. more likely to be a Chinese missile, but people seem to think I'm biased

  3. These days you are more at risk from your fellow feral citizens living near major urban centers than you are from a nuclear exchange. The best advice is stay away from crowds/people.

    1. duly noted, he sent his young daughter back to Spokane, the whitest of white cities on the planet, Yeah, I did an inspection on one of our mobile units there about 40 years ago. I don't recall seeing even so much as one vibrant. Yea, I know, where in the world was our DIE to make it a proper city.

  4. I used to live on the corner of Pantex Plant back when they were still doing final assembly of nukes there. I figured that if I was lucky, I would have time to bend over and kiss my a$$ goodbye. The duck & cover drills at school were a complete laugh since it was located about seven miles from the plant.