Tuesday, July 13, 2010


justthisguy, I dreamed of being alone on the internet. This is a kind of free association blog thing and I had thought that only far east cynic found me. Silly me.

Lex and I were both on active duty together here in SOCAL, he at AIRPAC and me at MESG1. As you say, he is the embodiment of, "thank you sir, but no thank you". On the other hand there are bunches of FOGOS that just got there through shear competence and duration. Lex made the point that he turned down the billets that lead to that end for his family. Back when I was unmarried, childless and ruthless I took every challenging overseas assignment. I loved it! When I got married it stopped. That said, I remember VADM Costello asking the room who was representing AIRPAC and TACTRAGROUP saying it was Lex but he was running a little late and Barry saying, 'good'. I agree. A good man.

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