Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'll see if this one works. I expected no comments really. I'll try it again on the plane to Bahrain. If I have a hard to read/get into book, I save it for the flight to Amsterdam or Heathrow. The boredom of such flights focuses the intellect on what one has brought.


  1. As I said, just open it in the middle, and dive in. It does have a glossary. Heck, I betcha you didn't like his "Cryptonomicon" because it had equations in it! My eyes tend to glaze over when people start talking about math, but I think I got a slight beginning appreciation of the Riemann Zeta Function from reading that book.

    Anathem is about, among other things, Platonic Ideals leaking from Cosmos to Cosmos, and showing up in people's heads.

  2. Oh yeah, we enjoyed Cryptonomicon my sister and I thought it was great. We liked America and her brothers and Shafto and all the rest. Great book! Oddly enough, she did not like Snowcrash. I thought that was a very good book. Zodiac was fun.