Saturday, June 19, 2010


  1. Good grief. New Mac, not used to the operating system but here's another repost from elsewhere.
  2. Carry on out there Skippy. Here in Californiastan the state treasurer, commissar decided last year that it was legal to just go ahead and direct a further 10% on tax withholdings on all Califinistan residents paychecks on account of an urgent need for the revenue and whatnot. Pay tax returns in IOU, etc.
  3. Only tsarists and communists and socialists/NAZIs and democrats and liberals and progressives would see that the government had that kind of unilateral after the fact right to steal money. But you’d see that. Right?

    Don’t fight man! Just give them YOUR money!!!!!! What are you? Some sort of TEA BAGGER? The STATE of Alabama has a right to all your money!!

    I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED! to find tax evading going on in the house of liberalism. You owe Alabama the money. Just pay and shut the fuck up why don’t you?

    Why don’t you Skippy-San? It’s their money right?

    Am I using a nail gun on this one?

    Manifold pressure down to zero after blowing the load on what must be the stupidest side of an argument in all time?

    Pay up or shut up.

    You sure felt an entitlement to my money.

    Feel the pain.

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