Saturday, May 28, 2022


The police failed to act other than despicably as a killer was left in a 4th grade classroom for over an hour while he continued to kill children while the cops did nothing but restrain parents outside.

Children do learn and what will we say as a society when kids start to bring guns to school to protect themselves and their classmates since it's a given that the police won't protect them?

How much longer are the idiots to remain in charge and continue to forbid armed teachers and staff? Oh sure, there are an awful lot of people out there that should never pick up a gun but there are many who can and will. The cops totally fucked up another school massacre as badly as the worthless Broward cops. Every single law enforcement agency needs a 'come to Jesus after action' to emphasize that there are never any grounds whatsoever to not immediately rush in when there is a shooter in the school. I thought every cop shop would have made this point years ago and refreshed it every year. I guess I expected too much of them. God knows the parents thought so too.


  1. It played out exactly as the alphabet agencies in charge intended. I want the teacher who facilitated entry into the building interrogated and then hung along with all those paid scum who sat around while children were murdered.

  2. Take your kids out of the public schools today. There are too many other educational opportunities that do not put your kid at risk and in fact give them an education instead of an indoctrination.

    1. We did that in the 90s and never regretted it!

    2. Sorry, those are not real cops. That is a "school district" police force.

      How about only giving the school cop job to veterans that saw combat. It would weed out the fat pansies doing it now.

  3. Ever since Columbine police tacticians said the only response to mass shootings is for any responding officer to run to the sound of the guns and put rounds into the bad guy. In Montreal, Canada, at Dawson college officer Denis Cote did just that, wounding the bad guy who then killed himself. Cote was a hero and what all cops should aspire to. Only one inno

  4. Continued. Only one innocent person died, seconds mean lives, yet we have had THREE police forces since then fail miserably. There was the shooting Marjorie Stoneman Douglas with the Broward's Cowards, in Las Vegas, where the cops waited for HOURS to breech the shooters room and now this. The FBI was warned and did nothing in two of these cases, so now I am starting to think the conspiracy guys are right.