Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saw the neurologist today, or should I say that he saw me. Spitting image of my brother-in-law. 2nd dan Taekwon-do. Turns out the whole shebang may be laid out to migraines. I don't have headaches. I had one about 5 years ago and it felt like somebody had jammed a white hot spear into my head. Nothing since then but what I have which I thought was all unrelated but the Dr. assures me is consistent with multiple parts of my brain throwing a hissy fit. Can't type, sleep, keep eyes open, dizzy, fall down, loss of s/a. and zero pain....unless, God help me, I spin into one of the end tables on the way down. He gave me some pills the size of a super tanker to deal with further outbreaks.

I told him I went a whole week without any symptoms at all when my girl was here and he recommended that I keep her around. If only I could I would.

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